The Invisible Mouth

2015, 90 minutes

2018 Crime Scene, multiply bodies found inside a wall.

The year is 2018. After being assigned a crime scene where multiple bodies have been found stashed inside the walls, Detective Van Clieff enlists the services of a young but brilliant Forensic Psychologist, Dr. Shimazaki. Their crime scene is an old rehearsal space rented by The Invisible Mouth, a world renowned masked illusionist whose true identity is unknown both on and off-stage. Talented and ambitious but facing a trail of unusual clues, Dr. Shimazaki searches out an expert witness with intimate knowledge of the man behind the mask. He eventually tracks down one of the illusionist's ex-collaborators in a rehab clinic. Her name is Montreal and her experience with the strange magician has left her mentally frail. Detective VanClieff reluctantly agrees to bring Montreal into the investigation. Believing the illusionist stole her unborn child from her pregnant body while, Montreal sees the investigation as an opportunity to track him down and save her missing kid. This will lead the investigators down a progressively more and more twisted path in which modern forensic technology will begin to show its limitations and, to Dr. Shimazaki's dismay, the supernatural will become a likely accessory to murder. Shot in beautiful black and white, the pitch for The Invisible Mouth brings the aesthetics and mood of classic film Noir to the not so distant future.

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Michael McShane
Michael McShane
Production Designer
Art Director

Alternative Names

Invisible Mouth, the