2017, 15 minutes

A Filipino family is caught in a long-winded catering delivery for their niece’s wedding that seems to pull them further and further from the reception itself.

A day of celebration becomes an endless string of tasks when two Filipino siblings, Maria (44) and Rolando (47) have a dispute over the catering for their niece’s wedding. Maria is trying to make sure everything gets delivered, while Rolando holds up the process. Maria’s close friend, Fey (46), who is helping them, senses that money may be an issue and tries to break through her composure to take over some of her responsibilities. Already running late and unable to find Rolando, Maria sends Fey to the hotel without her, leaving herself behind to solve the problem. Fey drives to the reception, all the while unable to contact either Maria or Rolando. As the sun sets and the rest of the guests arrive, the wedding marches on with Maria nowhere to be found.

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