Milking It

2014, 12 minutes

A story about Josephine, the girl who falls in love with the mothers of her lovers.

30-year-old Josephine is a lover. She falls in love with guys for their charm, their compassion, but more importantly, for their moms. To Josephine, these mothers fulfill something in her that their sons are incapable of fulfilling. So when her boyfriend Nate leaves for a fellowship in Nicaragua, Josephine is in a bind. She can only visit Ms. Collins so many times without Nate before it gets weird, right? So she has no choice but to break up with him. Feeling abandoned, Josephine takes his suggestion to dial her own mother. As usual, she receives her outgoing voicemail message. Feeling defeated, she checks her own answering machine and is reminded that she's not as alone as she may think she is...

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