It's Fine.

2017, 15 minutes

A father son drama that explores society's warped perception of masculinity.

The film is dealing with two main issues. The first is exploring the warped perception of masculinity in society. Men are programmed to believe that showing or talking about your emotions is 'weak' or 'feminine' when obviously this shouldn't be the case. the second issue is the issue of divorce and the emotional strain it can leave. The film takes place after the mother and father have recently divorced and the father has been forced to move out. The father and son are meeting for the first time since the split and are talking about how they've been. The conversation between the two characters soon turns to a voice over and While the dialogue between the two suggests they are both doing fine, the reality of their lives is been revealed visually. So there's going to be quite a tragic yet beautiful contrast between what the audience sees on screen and the dialogue of how the characters claim they're doing. Moving on to Rose, who is the recently divorced wife and mother of the son. She's not only dealing with the emotional strain of divorce, but also her increasingly more distant son who is unable to communicate the pain he is suffering as a result of the divorce. It's very much a tragedy and although the main focus of the film is the relationship between the father and son, I also do want to explore the relationship between mother and son. Rose is very much struggling with not only being a single mother but also dealing with a teenage son. There's going to be a lot of improvisation with Rose's character because I really want to capture, if I can, very authentic arguments and interactions between this concerned and hurting mother and her very fragile son.

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