Cycliste De Reve / A Cyclist's Dream

2017, 10 minutes

Protagonist's Dream of getting a Bike and being able to ride it

Alex (Protagonist) sees a poster of a bike on sale and desires to have it due to the other boys he knows has one. Later on we see him work hard for money to save up to buy the Bike. After he buys the Bike he has to go through the struggle of learning to ride. We also get to see a comedic ending in which we see the Protagonist's Mother buy a Superior bike than the one Alex has bought.

Members of mandy who have been involved in Cycliste De Reve

  • Alex Ford · Alex (Main Role)
    • Cycliste De Reve
    • Brit Academy

Alternative Names

Cycliste De Reve (A Cyclist's Dream), A Cyclist's Dream (Cycliste De Reve)