One Ordinary Girl

2017, 20 minutes

Man forces young woman to stop fidgeting and realise her dreams.

The film is a coming of age student short film about a girl Kiara who finds her freedom when she is Kidnapped and in captivity. It begins with a display of the level of mediocrity that exists in Kiara's life and her passion for writing. Even before the tone and the pace of the film can be defined she is kidnapped by Rafael, a tall and tough bearded man aged 25 years and taken to a place in the middle of nowhere. Kiara resents a lot at first and tries to escape, creates a scene and is in complete chaos. Strangely Rafael acts in a very calm way with her and there seems to be something that he is hiding from her. Why has he kidnapped her, why has he not been aggressive and will she ever be free, are the questions that are lurking in Kiara's mind. Needless to stay within all this chaos Kiara finds her peace and begins to write. She realises that she is much more happy in captivity than she was in the real world. The film is all about Kiara's escape from the ordinary world to a different reality.

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