2018, 87 minutes

In a complex tale of interweaving relationships, a gay Occupational Therapist explores the meaning of what it is to love and heal.

Poised follows the story of Aris, a gay Occupational Therapist who carries the weight of a previous relationship gone wrong. Yet, a chance encounter with Richard seems to allow him the chance to love again. As Aris’ relationship with Richard deepens, so too does his friendship with Anna, a patient in his care who suffers from a rare neurological syndrome. Anna recovers the use of her limbs, but finds that she has come to rely on Aris for much more than just his support. In fact, her discovery that her husband has been unfaithful during her illness triggers the realisation that her feelings for Aris are romantic. The ties that bind emotion and propriety begin to unravel, and the tangled net that is woven will hold a secret that will catch them all.

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    Dimension: 780 x 439
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Venetia Grivas
Yiannis Alexiou
ARIS (Lead)
Luke Oliver
Luke Oliver
Steadicam Operator
1st AC and Steadicam Operator
Dolores Reynals
Alison Doyle
Alison Doyle
Featured Extra
Chris Kyriacou
Alaa Al-Samad
Alaa Al-Samad
Olga Bichel
Olga Bichel
Nurse (Extra)
Roseline Yale
Nurse Natalie