Bigga Than Ben

2008, 82 minutes

Russians Guide to ripring off London

Spiker & Cobakka are two self-confessed 'pieces of Moscow scum' who come to London to rip it off. This is their guide.

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Nell Knudsen
Nell Knudsen
Costume Designer
Costume Design Assistant
Mary-Ann Cafferkey
Cashback Tesco Girl
Terence Anderson
Sad Rasta
Andre Gottshalk
Alexander Wolpert
Iranian Shopkeeper
Alex Lawler
Alex Lawler
Phone Salesman
Kathryn Worth
Cobakka's Mum
Terhi Kylliainen
Terhi Kylliainen
Line Producer
Production Coordinator
Joe Accerelli
Dodgy Phone Dealer

Alternative Names

Bigga Than Ben (2008)