2017, 15 minutes

'Goldfish' is an absurd affirmation of life, friends and female independence, whirled together with emotions and drug-induced surrealisms.

‘Goldfish’ follows Aggie, a lively and charismatic British student. The film focuses on the events of one Autumn-Winter evening at the end of term. She’s set her mind on telling the girl of her affections, Jamie, how she feels and with the support of her best friend, Max, she dives headfirst into confronting her emotions at the party. As she enters, her confidence grows; she’s surrounded by friends and the buzz of the MDMA she’s taken assures her that she’s in for a good night. A soup of ensemble movement, friendly chatter with her friend, Guy, among others fill the party. Suddenly the energy is lost and her happy demeanor crumbles – she sees Jamie kissing Nina. An uncomfortable conversation between the three girls reveals that the Nina is Jamie’s new girlfriend and Aggie is launched into a nauseous blur, half drug-induced, half induced by overwhelming emotions. She escapes to the bathroom where she vomits; when Aggie recovers, she returns to the party but spying Jamie and Nina’s unnecessarily public displays of affection (tonsil-tennis), she leaves, walking down the street with tear-filled eyes. The mood changes when she sees a poster of a missing goldfish who speaks to her and she decides to fill herself with power. She dances home alone, genuinely happy.

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