Three Slices

2017, 5 minutes

Two flat mates come head to head about the third slice in the sandwich

Zoe and Guisy are flat mates and have always been happy as they are. But Since Zoe's boyfriend Troy has moved in, the flat is dirty, the food is gone and the bills have gone up. Guisy comes home to a messy flat yet again and is greeted by Troy who is lounging on the sofa as usual. There isn't even any where to throw her bag after she comes in from work. As she makes a cup of tea, she see's Zoe making a sandwich. But this is not just any sandwich, it has a third slice of bread...with nothing in between. This starts to anger Guisy as she feels the third bit is insignificant, much like troy's contribution to the flat. Eventually Zoe explains through "sandwich code" that her and Troy haven't got any money right now, but they will try and contribute more to the flat from now on. Troy is oblivious to the subtext and assumes they are just "really passionate about sandwiches".

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Zoe Forrester
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