Forget Me Not

2017, 15 minutes

Psychological thriller about a man traumatised by his past

Forget me not is a psychological thriller about a young heartbroken man whose pain and guilt towards his girlfriend’s death turns him into a murder of crimes out of his Rose’s obsessive research which he ends up forgetting he’s ever committed. It talks about a serial killer who doesn’t know he is a serial killer, with no memory of the crimes he has committed, haunted by a past it’ll never be back and marked by a tragic event which has changed his life forever: it’s the story of a simple man locked inside his insane mind. Andrew’s life inevitably unravels after his long- lasting girlfriend, Rose, inexplicably vanishes on the day he was supposed tosurprise her and propose, which instead led her, in a cruel twist of fate, to be stabbed to death by a pickpocket. Yet, the truth is too painful to accept and his mind built up a completely different reality in which the grief and guilt he feels towards himself for not being able to save his lover turned her tragic and unreasoning death into a disappearance. A series of memory lapses that followed through Andrew since his childhood won’t make things any better and will transform his desperation into a borderline obsession to seek women with a striking physical resemblance to his Rosie through dating sites.

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