See You Later

2017, 13 minutes

A girl, a boy. Their forbidden love. A deadly choice.

A girl and a boy, Meena and Vivek, grow up together in the suburbs. Their houses face each other across an alley and they share their secrets, exchange gossip, help each other with their homework. They are inseparable, they are partners in crime, they are best friends. Not a day goes by they do not see each other. The years pass, and they realise they are in love. But it is a forbidden love. Their families will never accept their union because they come from the same village, they are of the same blood. When Meena is engaged to be married to Manoj, her family knows her heart belongs to Vivek, but it is their expectation she accepts the will of her family and plays her role as a dutiful daughter. Little do they know that she and Vivek have hatched a plan to liberate themselves from the bonds of duty which keep them from each other.

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