2017, 10 minutes

Four Soilders find a haunted

Billy is resigned to his death as the bombs and gunfire surround him. He doesn’t believe he is going to see his wife and daughter again - nothing matters anymore. Until he is grabbed by his mate Cameron and led to safety where David and Charles greet him. With few weapons and separated from the rest of the company the men decide they must make their way through the woods and venture into unknown territory. More bombs are dropped and the men discover an old trench, deciding it is safer inside than out, they venture down. But the men have not entered a trench, they have entered a tomb, an unearthly crypt to the unknown soldier, where the spirits of warriors need fresh souls to join their ghostly army. One by one, the men begin to lose their memories. Once their memories have gone, their minds soon follow and they kill themselves, in brutal, gruesome ways. Having watched his comrades die, Billy is left alone. He’s learned that he needs to hold onto his memories to stop himself dying and is now determined to get back home. His resolve to live has returned, but is it too late to escape the tumulus and find redemption?

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