2017, 22 minutes

When Nan gets cancer, we see how cancer really is contagious.

We see a 3 generation, family of 4 go through the struggle of cancer. When nan gets cancer, we see how it affects not just nan - the sufferer, but also her friends and family, how their lives change and how they are all drastically affected too. Cancer luckily isn't physically contagious, but emotionally it certainly is. Nan refuses treatment for her cancer as she wants to spend her time with her grandchildren out of the hospital, she refuses to be captivated there. Accidentally, Cameron over-hears his mum and Nan discussing about her cancer which breaks Cameron emotionally. In time, he comes to terms with the realisation and eventually, must tell his younger brother too; but not all emotions are broke, when Cameron gives his younger brother Luke a pep talk, that his nan will always be looking over him.

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