Love Possibly

2017, 80 minutes

Romantic mockumentary about a hapless loser

When a hopelessly romantic virgin, whose lifetime goal to find his own Rom-com leading lady, goes online and meets a Moldovan mail-order-bride, who is desperate to provide a better life for her son, his life is turned upside down when she makes the bold decision of moving to London to marry him. Will she turn out to be the one he's been looking for or has it all been a giant mistake?

Connected mandy members:

Saffron Pooley
Fighting Girl
Patrick Fisher Murphy
Patrick Fisher Murphy
Sound Recordist
Boom Pole Operator
Rachael Grace
Woman outside Venue
Jane Ogilvie
Jane Ogilvie
Dating Website Voiceover
Michael Coburn
Michael Coburn
Camera Operator

Alternative Names

Love Possibly (English, Russian)