Deborah and Dan (Dirty Hose)

2018, 4 minutes

Deborah and Danny's rocky relationship issues finally come to a head, making them realise they are no longer a suitable couple.

While a young couple, Danny and Deborah, are getting ready for work, Danny teases Deborah about her obsession with cleanliness products while she speaks in tongues about whether there is any shampoo or not. Danny's comment about about him loving Deborah when she's old, as long as she can manage to look eighteen, goes over very badly without him realising it. Deborah asks Danny to find if there are any clean stockings or 'hose' as she calls them. There are only dirty ones. Danny's sexual advances are rebuked before Deborah goes to leave. They admit to each other there are hard feelings between them, realising they have no future as a couple.

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