Rap Grandma

2018, 105 minutes

When a grumpy old lady with no joy for life receives an eviction notice, she makes a deal with her archenemy - an alcoholic failed rapper - in order to win a TV talent show that will save their building and put their lives back on track.

Emily is a grumpy old lady with no desire for life. She and her two only friends, Grace and Alfred, have cohabitation issues with Ramon -a failed, alcoholic rapper- and his gang, Billy and Katey. But when Emily and her friends receive an eviction letter, their world turns upside down. Emily decides to swallow her pride and make a deal with Ramon: win a TV talent show in order to save the building and record an album which would allow them to leave the underworld they are living in. But despite the deal, they don't respect each other and Emily and Ramon clash continuously regarding the song style and their own points of view about life. When Emily pushes Ramon to the limit (by accusing him of not having a soul), he explodes and comes out with an amazing performance that helps them gain respect for one another. With a new song and all the positive energy to win the contest, everything goes upside down. Emily is shot after she defends the rappers against the mobster that is exploiting Katey. Ramon decides to go with Emily (his new grandma) to the hospital while the others ask for another performance date. When the organization threatens to sue them, Grace saves the day by making an old dream come true: becoming an artist.

Members of mandy who have been involved in Rap Grandma

  • Paul Hughes · Alfred
    • Rap Grandpa
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