When The Bombs Came Down

2018, 30 minutes

A Nuclear Comedy Musical

Four middle -class women are suddenly thrown into an apocalyptic world. Their only chance of survival? To fight. And dance. Gillian, Christina, Michelle and Ruth are friends from a local joga (judo/yoga hybrid) class. When nuclear bombs fall on the country town of Hadley, they are thrust into a performance-based dystopia that separates them from their friends, family, and the lives they lead before. Late one night, after being forced to leave their beloved sanctuary ('The Warehome’), the women are thrust into the chaos of the radiated town and come face-to-face with mutants and raiders. In a place where safety is long forgotten, the women soon realise that the only way to survive the trials of the new, intoxicated human race is to perform their way out of peril.

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