Man in the Chair

2017, 20 minutes

A moving short film that focuses on the internal world and psychological turmoil of an elderly man living alone in the final days of the First World War.

The final days of the First World War. Alf, an elderly man trapped within his house and confined to an armchair in his frailty, has lost everything. His family are gone. Alf's body has become a cell due to its own decrepitude. He is left to the mercy of his own thoughts; twisted by the tragedies of his recent past. The hallucinatory nature of Alf’s imaginings consumes his waking world. These visceral distortions of the past bleed into his present reality, the distinction between the two growing more and more blurred as the film progresses. An ever-ticking grandfather clock looms over him. As each tick brings him momentarily closer to death, Alf’s past and present bleed together, and he experiences repeated visitations from those whom he has lost; each appearance coinciding with the coming of the eleventh hour.

Man in the Chair

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Jack Elliot Barton
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