Give me shelter

2018, 16 minutes

In a post apocalyptic world baron by climate change, one man seeks revenge on a group who kidnapped his wife and murdered his son

Give me shelter is a post-apocalyptic film set 20 years in the future 10 years after huge climate shifts have devastated the earth and left a dwindling number of the human race wandering the earth. The reasoning behind the creation of ‘Give me Shelter’ is the rising threat/worry surrounding climate change and the impact of humans on the environment. The films apocalyptic setting is inspired by real life extreme acid rain cases. In China and other highly populated cities including London acid rain is a common phenomenon causing corrosion and damage to buildings as well as aquatic and plant life. In 2005 acid rain with a PH level similar to that of vinegar fell in built up areas of China causing severe corrosion to buildings and steel structures. Give me shelter shows the very extremes of this phenomenon, acid rain strong enough to burn the human skin on contact is the main threat the survivors of this world face. My films aim is to emphasise the effects humans have on the environment and the potential eventuality our impact on the earth may lead to. The film follows an un-named Man, his wife and young child as they struggle to survive in a hostile desolate world, scavenging for food and drinking water and ultimately finding a place of refuge to provide them shelter from the rain and thunder storms which make moving an impossible, suicidal task. The goal of the film is to ultimately open people’s eyes to the risks we face if we don’t change our ways and reduce our impact on the environment, I aim to do this through a depressing realistic portrayal of the apocalyptic setting very much in the style of ‘The Road’, the world is void of hope and any hint of normality. The only innocence in the world is The Man’s son, a 6 year old boy born 6 years after the apocalypse meaning he knows nothing other than the ruined world that surrounds him, The Man does everything he can to keep the boy safe and save the last shred of innocence left in the world.

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Robin Baker
Robin Baker
Sound Designer
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