Vietnam War Miracle

2017, 54 minutes

Vietnam War Miracle is the inspiring story of a young soldier who sustained a traumatic brain injury when hit by shrapnel from a grenade in the dead of night during the Vietnam War in 1969.

He should have died then and there. Instead, by the heroic efforts of his fellow platoon soldiers, he was miraculously rescued. In an emergency field hospital, he fell under the care of a gifted neurosurgeon Dr. Harold F. Young, who ultimately saved his life although 30% of his brain had been destroyed. It took 41 years for Donald Mason along with his wife Donna to piece together the full story of his rescue, reunite with his fellow soldiers who played a major role in his survival, and to finally meet the man who followed him throughout his recovery, Dr. Young. Donald lived on to selflessly touch the lives of many. He spent the next 40 plus years of his life fostering dozens of at risk infants, establishing churches, volunteering for the Red Cross with fire departments, and becoming involved with Vietnam Veteran's Associations and mental health facilities. It is an extraordinary, heartfelt story of courage; a testament to compassionate humanity and in the end a remarkable reunion of healing for all Vietnam Veterans who have lived a hero's journey.

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Daniel Hamer
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Alternative Names

A Vietnam war miracle