Stranger Than Nixon

2018, 17 minutes

Pushed to his breaking point during the high school presidential election, one candidate channels Richard Nixon to gain confidence.

'Stranger than Nixon' follows Richard Nelson (Chris London), an awkward high schooler with a life-long adoration of Richard Nixon, as he runs for student president. Of course, it's not easy; standing in the way is Laura Woods (Erica Diaz), the 'it' girl who's crushed him in every campaign since kindergarten. With muscle-bound Craig (Justin Rifici), ruthless Principal Hitchens (Henri Douvry), and all but one member of the student body rooting for him to fail, the situation is all but hopeless. Meanwhile, he and his father (Bill Boes) are coping with the loss of Richard's mother (Shorey Walker). While his father retreats into the world of civil war reenactment to soothe his grief, Richard's mental state gets more and more precarious. With the election looming over him, Richard drums up confidence the only way he knows how...with a little help from Nixon.

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