Mr & Mrs Bucket

2019, 15 minutes

Mr and Mrs Bucket is a dark comedy set in an 80's retro futuristic hospital facility.

Married couple, Rita and Brian take a pre-birth screening to find out the characteristics of their unborn child. In ordered to make an informed decision on whether or not to terminate the pregnancy, they take a series of bizarre and confusing tests. When Brian seems to not be doing very well, he questions the strange doctors whose answers only add to his confusion. When seeing a projection of each of their subconscious, it is clear that while Rita’s result is soothing and sweet, Brian’s is highly disturbing. When they receive their result, they are told their child will develop an excellent impression of Robert De Niro, but will also develop strong sociopathic and murderous tendencies. Brian blames himself and is ready to terminate, but Rita is already attached to her child and is determined to make it work regardless of her son’s inevitable future homicides. They decide that on the occasion their child wants to murder, they’ll nurture them to kill only bad people, as some sort of vigilante.

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