Beautiful Struggle

2019, 30 minutes

Beautiful Struggle follows 3 emerging artists in their choice to live in New York

What hasn’t been written about New York? I often heard that NYC was done, over. No more Chelsea Hotel, no more Club 54 or 57, no more Factory ... a gentrification that standardizes, makes the city tasteless. NYC is the favorite conversation topic of its inhabitants, even though very few were born there. More than that, NYC is an endless source of inspiration. It can be seen as a passageway that in turn transforms itself into a place to live, a home-base, an addiction, a city we admire and we hate at the same time. A city with extreme climates, a mutant machine that never sleeps, that is stronger than you/us. Why is it still attractive to the youth from the entire world? Even more so in a fucked up/Trumperized America? This city is not made by everyone for everyone. It definitely attracts characters and strong personalities. Artists and aspiring artists in particular. Many immigrants. The unpretentious subject of this film is the exploration of this place: Brooklyn, NYC, seen through the eyes of 3 people. Three characters who have in common to have chosen this place of life and creation. Three characters who have chosen to be artists. All are young, cinematic and inspiring as much as inspired. We met them and we have decided to film them. How different are these artists in their dreams, their struggles, their commitments? How does the city push them to be so extreme, free and creative? How does the city itself move and is shaped by them, their ambition, their energy? This film is above all a personal desire to share what is New York for us. A city, but not only, an experience? What else? A very special crush, a deep meeting. Of creation and fight. Urban poetry.

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  • Macha Tsarenkov · Director, DP, Editor
    • Beautiful Struggle
    • Water Signs Pictures