2019, 90 minutes

Unschooled follows three inner city high school drop-outs in North Philadelphia participating in an alternative methodology called “unschooling” – a program that empowers students to direct their own educations.

Beset by drugs, violence and apathy the North Philadelphia public school system is failing, desperate for a solution, some inner city parents are turning their hopes to an unlikely place; a small, newly opened alternative education program called The Natural Creativity Center. Founded by veteran educator Peter Bergson, the center is built on the belief that formalized education is just another part of the problem. Determined to ignite a child’s natural desire to learn--Bergson practices what he calls “unschooling” a program developed over several decades that empowers students to direct their own educations, favoring dialogue, discovery and self-discipline over tests, teachers and time-lines. When three young north Philadelphia teens enroll at NCC all of Peter’s radical ideas are put to the test.

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Bridget Deely
Associate Producer