Untitled: A cop drama

2019, 15 minutes

A comedy about two cops trying to catch a wanted criminal.

This follows two protagonists, Rick and Paul. Rick is a veteran police detective who prefers to work alone but Paul, a fresh graduate is forced upon him as his new partner. This 10 minute short focuses on the duo investigating a murder which leads them to a confrontation with a drug trafficking operation. Primarily the narrative focus is on the relationship between the two main characters and how it changes over the course of the film. In addition there is a self-aware story line where the detectives are in fact a part of a crime TV show, which Rick helms as the lead role and fights to maintain it, whilst Paul is unaware he is a star in the show himself. The film as well as the characters believe it is a serious crime drama, which is juxtaposed by dead-pan humour and fourth-wall breaking moments.

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