Le Dernier Duel / The Last Duel

2009, 10 minutes

The true story of the last fatal duel in England.

This film explores what happened on a mid Autumn day in a field between Englefield Green and Windsor Castle, the location of the last fatal duel in England. Set in 1852, six Frenchmen met to resolve an argument by way of an illegal pistol duel. Cournet, a well respected politician from Paris, was shot and killed in the duel. All parties were arrested on their return to London apart from Brissot, the assistant to Barthelemy who shot and killed Cournet. Brissot later wrote an account of the gun fight for a French newspaper. 'The Last Duel' is told from Brissot's point of view as he struggles to write his version of events while maintaining some form of dignity for the dead Cournet.

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