The Adjustment Bureau

2011, 106 minutes

The affair between a politician and a ballerina is affected by mysterious forces keeping the lovers apart.

In 2006, New York Congressman David Norris runs a promising but ultimately unsuccessful campaign for United States Senate. While rehearsing his concession speech in a hotel bathroom, Norris meets a woman hiding in a stall. The two share a surprisingly enjoyable conversation, ultimately leading to a kiss. Inspired, David goes off his prepared script and delivers a candid speech which is extremely well-received, making him an early favorite for the 2010 Senate race. The next morning, Norris is preparing to start his first day at a new job. At a park near David's house, Harry Mitchell receives an assignment from his boss: Ensure Norris spills his coffee by 7:05 AM; shortly thereafter Mitchell falls asleep while waiting and misses David, who boards his bus. He encounters Elise, the woman from the bathroom, who gives him her phone number. When Norris arrives at work, he finds his boss (and campaign manager), Charlie Traynor, is being examined by unfamiliar men in suits. David attempts to run and the men give chase. Eventually, David is incapacitated and taken to a warehouse to meet Richardson and his men. Richardson explains he and his men are from the Adjustment Bureau. The job of the Bureau's "caseworkers" is to ensure people's lives proceed as determined by "the plan", a complex document Richardson attributes to "the Chairman."<ref name="Caseworkers 1">{{cite web|url =|title =?Adjustment Bureau?: The surreal feels real|publisher = The Kansas City Star|quote=Are you angels?? he asks Richardson. ?We?ve been called lots of things,? is the reply. ?Think of us as case workers.?|accessdate = 2007?10?18}}</ref><ref name="Caseworkers 2">{{cite web|url =|title =Matt Damon Defies God?s Insidious Bureaucracy in The Adjustment Bureau|publisher = D Magazine|quote=You see, ?the Chairman? (as the film calls the being responsible for managing the entire universe) has dispatched ?case workers? (angels ? without wings, but with magical hats) to keep humanity moving according to his carefully choreographed plan.|accessdate = 2007?10?18}}</ref> Charlie is fine and will not remember his adjustment, and Norris is warned that, if he talks about the Bureau, he will be "reset"?effectively Lobotomy|lobotomized. Finally, Richardson tells David he is not meant to meet Elise again, burns her phone number, and tells David to forget her. For the next three years, David takes the same bus every day, hoping to see Elise. He encounters her one day and they reconnect. The Bureau tries to stop him from building his relationship with her, causing their schedules to separate them. David races across town, fighting the Bureau's abilities to "control his choices" to ensure he will meet Elise again. During the chase, The Bureau uses doors to travel, opening inconspicuous doors that lead to another location blocks away. Richardson discovers that David and Elise "were meant to be together in an earlier version of the plan", and Harry speculates on whether or not the plan is always correct. David and Elise spend an evening at a party, connecting when David tells her he became a politician after the loss of his mother and brother. They spend the night together, expressing their bond the next morning. The Bureau has Thompson (formerly called "the Hammer") take authority regarding David's adjustment. He takes David to a warehouse, where David argues he has the right to choose his own path. Thompson says that they gave humanity free will after the height of the Roman Empire, but humanity caused the Dark Ages. The Bureau took control again and created the Renaissance and the Enlightenment. When free will was returned around 1910 it resulted in two world wars and the near destruction of the planet with Cuban missile crisis|a nuclear conflict. Thompson releases him, and he runs to Elise's performance at her dance studio. Thompson follows, and tells him that if he stays with Elise, he will ruin his political future as President of the United States and also ruin Elise's future as a world-famous dancer and choreographer; with David, Elise will be limited to teaching dance to children. To make a point, he uses his adjustment power to cause Elise to fall and sprain her ankle. Overwhelmed with his future in jeopardy and faced with hurting Elise's future, David abandons her at the hospital. Eleven months later, David runs for election again and sees an announcement of Elise's imminent wedding. Harry, feeling guilty for earlier events, contacts David via secret meetings in the rain and near water. David learns from Harry that the Bureau's weakness is water, allowing them to meet without the Bureau finding out. Harry reveals that Thompson exaggerated the consequences of David and Elise's possible relationship, and teaches David to use the doors so he may stop Elise's wedding. He gives David his hat, empowering David to use the doors. David finds Elise in the bathroom of the courthouse where she is to be wed. Initially furious and hurt after his earlier desertion, Elise is shocked when David reveals the Bureau's existence to her, and shows her how he travels through doors. They are chased across New York. When David and Elise find themselves on the base of the Statue of Liberty, David decides to find the Chairman. Elise vacillates, and follows David. They go through the door to the Bureau headquarters. Eventually, they are trapped on a rooftop above New York, with Bureau members closing in. They declare their love for each other, embrace into a passionate kiss before David can be reset. When they let go of each other, the Bureau members have disappeared. Thompson appears, but is interrupted by Harry, who shows him a new, revised plan from the Chairman for David and Elise: a plan page; one half which shows where their paths were, heading side-by-side into a blank page starting just past their new current moment. Harry, after commending both of them for showing such devotion to each other, takes his hat back and tells David and Elise they are free to "take the stairs". The film concludes with David and Elise walking through the streets, holding hands, accompanied a voice-over from Harry, speculating that the Chairman's plan may be simply to get humanity to a point where they can write their own plan for themselves. [<a href=''>Plot summary provided by WikiPedia</a>]

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