Graveyard Shift

2009, 90 minutes

Comedy Zombie Horror Film

Keith, an ordinary gaming geek who works the graveyard shift at the only all-night convenience shop in the city, has grown used to the occasional disruption to the monotony when he exterminates zombies that wander nightly into the shop. One night Keith is distracted by Suzi, an attractive customer who witnesses Keith smash a zombie's brains out. Her disinterest in his inept advances to her is replaced by fear of a homicidal maniac, until he proves to her that the walking undead really do inhabit the city, un-noticed among the drug addicts and downtrodden. Together they discover that a renegade priest has been raising the zombies with a necromantic spell, and they are thrown together in an adventure riddled with strange denizens of the night as they cross the infested city to reach the source of the sorcery with an ill-conceived plan to stop it. But they are followed. The Dark Lord, an ancient priest-magician, mistakenly raised as a zombie by the bumbling necromancer, pursues the misguided couple as they discover that real zombies don't always follow the rules as they are written in Keith's gaming books. Suzi becomes enchanted with the Dark Lord's Gothic looks and is drawn into a sinister enchantment as the Dark Lord seeks to unravel the interwoven spells that have enslaved him to undead existence. Despite his jealousy, Keith vows to protect Suzi with his life. Suzi is torn between Keith's devotion and her unnatural attraction to the Dark Lord. A final showdown between the Dark Lord and Keith will determine the fate of Suzi, the city, and perhaps even the world.

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