2019, 13 minutes

Runaways is a story of a teenage boy with unrealistic expectations who runs away from home.

JONATHAN, a teenage boy, runs away from his middle class home, wanting to live the romantic vagabond life he has read about in books from the Beat Generation. He is escaping a sense of purposelessness which dominates his quite alright life. Jonathan meets a girl, CHLOE, also a runaway. Doing whatever she can to survive, Chloe has resulted in pretending not to be homeless, luring rich men at nightclubs to spend the night with her only to trick them out of their possessions in the early hours.

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Samuel Topper
Bozhidar Peychev
Bozhidar Peychev
AD (1st)
1st AD
Laura Moss
Laura Moss
Wardrobe Stylist
Aleksandra Valcheva
Mattia Capasso
Daniel Sebastian
Daniel Sebastian
Composer, Orchestrator, Music Production
Sam Lowsley-williams
Sam Lowsley-williams
Camera Assistant
camera trainee
Darrin Brading
Heini Susanne
Heini Susanne
Director, Producer