The Artist

2009, 12 minutes

Fantasy fairytale with a dark twist.

The artist tells the story of a gifted artist who is granted an amazing gift, to create anything from his imagination. But this gift comes not only with limits, but a word of warning, a warning that goes unheeded. Blinded by excitement and corrupted by the seven deadly sins, the artist gives into self indulgence, creating objects and giving in to his every desire. Motivated by lust and compelled by the need for love, Roberto creates his perfect mate, wrapped in the arms of his ultra ego. Soon Roberto is granted his wish, except, faith has its means and a sense of humor. Not only does the mate come to life but so does ultra ego, giving an unexpected and surprising twist to an almost perfect storybook ending. The soon to be jilted artist Roberto discovers that he has to fight to win his girl and claim his prize, except rage, the vengeful of the sins, gets the best of him, causing Roberto to commit an act of terror, leaving very little room for forgiveness and forcing Roberto to make some hard choices, with roads that either leads to joy or more sorrow. The film is set in an 18th century Paris, an alternate reality where magic exist and drama reign from decor to culture. This fairy tale world offers possibilities for both the filmmaker and audience to divulge into a world of myth and creativity. The protagonist, Roberto is self involved and blinded by his own desires and passion. He is vain and delusional in his understanding of himself, his more admiral characteristics such as determination and strong will serves him best at times, but worse at others. Roberto has a vulnerable side which he masks quite well. The film aims to challenge the audience to question their over desirers and see the consequences of self indulgence and the film is presented in a high funny and visually stunning way and delivers a plot that is both engaging and offers something for all ages.

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Alternative Names

Artist, the