The Last Time I Saw You

2009, 17 minutes

What lies between these two?

Geoffrey has not seen his son Mark in twenty years, and for all this time he has harbored a dark secret. Now Geoffrey's time is running out, and he has only one last chance to meet with Mark, to finally tell him the truth about why he left all those years ago.Mark has no idea why Geoffrey has suddenly contacted him, but he could not turn down this opportunity to meet with the man he honestly thought he would never see again. After all this time, it is possible that his father might be ready to tell him the reason why he left. The only question is, is Mark ready to face the truth about his father's past?The Last Time I Saw You is a dark and challenging drama that raises powerful questions about guilt and forgiveness. Through the compelling frame work of a father meeting a long lost son, the film also asks us to re-examine our thoughts and feelings about the nature of remorse, and the true definition of an evil act.

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