2009, 18 minutes

Rodrigo is trying to finish his dissertation, but the day before the deadline a series of happenings prevents him to concentrate

Rodrigo is a Spanish-born (or Mexican?) London Film Student finalizing his written dissertation the day before the deadline. As he is trying to concentrate on the theories he is applying (in regards to 'Monsters in Horror Films') his mother, his Vietnamese (or Japanese?) neighbors, his Lebanese (or Spanish?) cleaning lady, his Polish (or Latvian?) friend Lukas and an unexpected visit will distract him throughout a stormy evening. As a series of uncanny situations unfold, the state of reality Rodrigo and "Them" thought to be at play starts to stumble and nothing happens the way it should have. Is there a killer (or monster) breaking in the house or is simply Rodrigo's mind giving him a hard time? Is it a reality of appearance better than the truth?

Connected mandy members:

Evan Regueira
Rodrigo (lead)
Andrei Zayats
Anna Radecka
Anna Radecka
Make-up Artist (Assistant)
Hair and Make Up Artist