London Dreams

2009, 90 minutes

A film about an indian music-group...Actor Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan and others.

This film is made by very popular film-maker Vipul Shah. They were here in Uk only for 10 days. Most of the shooting days were in India. It is musicale-film about a group of musicians and singers who are trying to get popular. ASfter a chane of crap-concerts they finaly make it to UK and have a big concert on Trafalgar concert. It is BIG budget film and there is a lot of information about this film on, Google surch machine, . The most popular actor in that film is Salman Khan as I remember. You can order this film for on the video0rent web-sites like It becomes recently very popular film and it is accepted very well by the critics and the audience.

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