Sidney Turtlebaum

2008, 20 minutes

He steals more than just the show.

Sidney Turtlebaum is a bitter sweet comedy and cautionary tale set in present day Golders Green, the heart of London's Jewish community. Sidney Turtlebaum (Sir Derek Jacobi) is an eccentric gay Jewish man in his eighties. To punish the world Sidney earns his living as a pickpocket and a conman. His chosen modus operandi is to read through the recent death notices in the London Jewish Post identifying Shiva houses of mourning in order to steal from the gathered crowd. More than just a thief, Sidney is a performer and revels in the opportunity to take centre stage capturing the assembled mourners with his anecdotes and nostalgic songs. When Sidney earns the respect and curiosity of 26 year old Gabriel (Rupert Evans) he decides to take him to his next Shiva home thus opening up his strange world to the innocent eyes of his young new friend.

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