The Swordsman of Trelawny

2010, 15 minutes

Follows the uprising of the 1795 Maroon war

Set during the Second Maroon War between 1795-96 in Trelawny, Jamaica, Julius Soubise - the adopted son of the Duke and Duchess of Queensbury - is drawn into the war by Leonard Parkinson, the leader of the Maroons, when Colonel Craskell, the leader of the British Redcoats, imports Cuban dogs to hunt down the Maroons and ship them off to Nova Scotia and Sierra Leone. Soubise is regarded as an outlaw by Craskell and is hunted down. But while Leonard Parkinson is fighting off the Redcoats, Soubise has a final showdown with Craskell by crossing swords.

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Swordsman of Trelawny, the