Night Is Day

2007, 105 minutes

sci-fi TV series

"Night is Day" is Silly Wee Films' self-funded sci-fi TV series, following the adventures of Jason Mackenzie (Chris Summers), a reluctant superhero who, after a near fatal accident, seeks out a mysterious demon, Ames, asking to be told his future to ensure his fortune changes. However Ames (Alan Maclean) sees good in Jason, and empowers him with the strength of a lightning demon, giving Jason the power of foresight and lightning. Whenever Jason touches another human being, he suffers from a mind-numbing vision, witnessing that person being killed or hurt, forcing Jason to risk his life to save the day. As Jason comes to terms with his new found powers, the evil Mr. Philips (Tam Toye) has struck a deal with an evil demon to take over the world. All Mr. Philips has to do is collect the pieces he requires to complete the ritual, and the world will be at his command. Jason is not alone in the fight as DCI Sloan and DI Mullan (and later, Inspector Billy Shipton) are on the case to stop Mr. Philips' evil ploy, knowing that he is not the kind, caring saviour the world sees him as. "Night is Day" consists of two seasons, filmed in Scotland with independent film crews and professional actors from around the UK. With spectacular special effects and a driving story line, the first season is available to buy online with season 2 in post production, due for release in early 2010.

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