Dark Night

2005, 91 minutes

horror film

An abandoned house and a group of friends. A party. But why has the house been abandoned? What happened there? A clever psychological thriller that unfolds a frightening story through the eyes of each character. The script twists and turns and nothing is as it first seems. The group are on their way to the long abandoned Morgan family house; once infamous with their cruel unsolved murders, now renowned amongst teenagers for being a great social venue! The party is great fun; drinks, drugs and sex - it's all good - until something which should never have been unearthed is discovered. Who killed the Morgans? Was it the father? A psychopathic killer? A monstrous beast lurking in the woods? Or is there something else at work which no-one dares think about? Thrills and chills galore in this stylish shlock horror. Shot on a shoestring budget and with echoes of The Evil Dead series and others from the genre, this is a true blood and guts experience! The group of teenagers get more than they bargained for; pitting their wits against monsters, the undead and each other. This is a British B-movie with bite, definitely not for the faint of heart nor the weak of stomach! Will you survive the dark night?

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Stephen McLeod
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Neil Oseman
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