Fight Back

Fight Back

2010, 2 minutes

Crime does pay....Doesn't it?

Set in the decaying streets of Britain, FIGHT BACK profiles gang culture and organised crime in British society, where our hero Tom Hicks pledges to 'stop the rot' in his community and decides to fight back. Tom vows to fight back against gang culture, organised crime and drug dealers, wanting to put respect back into society. FIGHT BACK also tells Toms story from him growing up as a child to his return home after 15 years of service in the British armed forces. Toms story however is not a pleasant one, from him being bullied at school to teenage victimisation by his peers! While growing up Tom finds himself and his Mother Lisa subjected to varying forms of brutal abuse by his alcoholic Father Steve. Tom has to deal with the physical and mental abuse delivered by his Father while his Mother Lisa has to deal with abuse physical, domestic and otherwise! Upon Toms return home however things seem different. There are no more children playing outside on their bikes, they have been replaced by violent teenage gangs. There are no Policemen patroling their local beats anymore, instead they have been replaced by local drug dealers selling on street corners and in schools. The streets are now also decorated with prostitutes and organised crime syndicates such as 'The Old Timers', 'Associates' and 'The Corporation'. These crime syndicates are led by ruthless individuals who prey on the local communities, however Tom is no prey! With the weak sentences issued by the courts as deterrents and the Police constantly failing to take action and attend incidents on time or even at all, society is proving that c Wrong! Watch Tom fight back!

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