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2010, 10 minutes


James nearly finds out what will happen in the end but he refuses as he doesn’t want it to be ruined for him. What James doesn’t know is that the message everyone is trying to get across to him is that if you watch the film you will be a changed. Being the fanatical film lover he is, he insists on seeing the film and just thinks that everyone is trying to spoil it for him. The audience are unaware at this stage what people are trying to say about the ending, but there will be key signifiers in the short which will symbolise this. When James finally gets to the cinema, he sees that the cinema is deserted, no one is around, he helps himself to go into the screen to watch the film. Someone watches James walk to the screen from a small observation room and secretly follows him. Once James is comfortably in his seat at the screen, the person that followed him locks the door. James thinks he is going to finally get to watch the film, but it turns out that the information people have been trying to tell him wasn’t to ruin the ending, but to save him from the vampires that have taken over the cinema since the release of ‘Blood Shed’!

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