Davey Smith and the Spanish Assassin

2011, 30 minutes

With Great Knowledge Comes Great Power

When Davey Smith meets the mysterious Bookman his life is magically transformed. 

Travelling through time, Davey meets the good and evil of history, but will he be able to save his friends and change the course of history forever?

Follow the adventures of Davey Smith as he unlocks the power of his magic book. ........................... In this first episode of the Davey Smith series, young Davey is thrown back in time to a world of spies, traitors, Kings and Queens. Befriending Queen Elizabeth I on the way, Davey uncovers a murderous plot and must use all his courage, honour and knowledge to save his friends and country from The Spanish Assassin.

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Alternative Names

Davey and the Spanish Assassin, The History Boy - Saving the Queen