Act of God

2009, 68 minutes

When hearts are a rare and valuable commodity, only the most ruthless survive.

A taut thriller in which a heart surgeon (Emmy Award Winner David Suchet) and an ex-detective are forced to pay a terrible price after choosing the life of one patient over another, and find themselves the targets of a very angry avenger.

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Connected mandy members:

Martine Richards
Natalie Rowan
Andrew Venning
Nosey Neighbour
Hilary Hodsman
Mrs Gillingham
Phil Pritchard
Forensic Officer
Jimmy Mannion
Richard (Stand-in for Max Brown) and a small speaking part as Neighbour
Victoria Hopkins
Party Girl
Ian Stacey
Ian Stacey
Police Sergeant
Heather Burtt
Heather Burtt
Wardrobe Assistant
Costume Assistant
Paris Leonti
Paris Leonti
Gillian Steventon
Police Officer
James Harrington