Night Train to Laredo

2010, 70 minutes

Time Waits For No Man ... Especially Alan Rudge.

Life has hit a wall for author Alan Rudge. To escape his dreary day-to-day existence, the frustrated writer often retreats into his head to live in the imaginary world of his work-in-progress Wild West novel, "Night Train to Laredo." Inside this alternate reality, Alan transforms himself into the heroic Sheriff Denny where he battles corruption from the crooked town mayor, romances a bevy of southern belles, and engages in fierce quick-draw gunfights with outlaws like the infamous Brewster Twins and the hotshot Kid Carson. But after 15 years of chasing his tail, Alan's book still has no ending as his real life issues continue to go from bad to worse. So, to help him get back in the saddle before it's too late, Alan's about to get all the help he needs when his imagination leaps off the page into reality, making his life truly stranger than fiction.

Connected mandy members:

Gareth Bennett-Ryan
Kid Carson