Gentle Kisses

2010, 7 minutes

Allotments can be dangerous places

"Of all the allotments in all the world, she had to waltz into mine"An allotment inspector is on the case, investigating a missing melon and pitchfork. The main suspect is Toni Wilson, singer , who has a fetish for creating her own audiences. It was created for the 48hour film festival.Each team was given a random genre (film noir), a character Toni or Tony Wilson, singer, a line of dialogue "Whatever you do, don't tell her" and a prop; a box.Starring Danielle Farrow as Toni Wilson, singer and Greg Drysdale as Allotment Inspector Marlowe. Jamie Wheeler as George Weeder. DOP J. Daniel Pacey.Written by April-Wendy Hayes, Eleni Daskalaki, Gill White, Brenda Robles, Gareth Peevers.Directed and edited by David Hutchison.Co-produced by Gareth Peevers.Sound technician James Wheeler.The title took it's name from the song Gentle Kisses on the album Bel Canto composed by Eilidh MacKenzie , perfomed by Anna Meldrum, Eilidh Mackenzie,Ged Grimes,Brian McAlpine,Gordon Gunn.The location was Ferry Road Allotments, Edinburgh.

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