Dotkni Se Duhy / Touch The Rainbow

2010, 100 minutes

Rally movie about Love and redemption

After an accident, Alex, a successful Rally racing driver, has to face the fact that he has a brain tumour. It is only thanks to the also ill Lucy that he manages to get a medical card to race in Nitra, where he wants to compete against his greatest rival, the German, Weber, for the last time. Other crews are also focusing their attention on Nitra. The Slovakian Mafioso, Jožo, dreams of a great racing career and calls Jula, the top co-driver in Slovakia, who, fearing for his life, is not competing, due to his involvement in an illegal deal in truffles. Who does the crew of English youngsters want to rob? How can Mafioso Jožo help Alex? What does “100 over dinosaur to left blue” mean and where on earth are those darn truffles??

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Alternative Names

Touch the Rainbow, Dotkni Se Duhy (Touch The Rainbow), Touch The Rainbow (Dotkni Se Duhy)