Yeah Yeah Yeah

2010, 12 minutes

Benny finds himself torn between happiness and the tempting and corrupt corporate system

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah is a drama set in the confinements of the software company Real Tek call centre. Benny, soon to be reaching his 30s is a rebellious but good natured person. His only ambition is to move away from the dull and monotonous job of taking calls. One day, a new beautiful and mysterious recruit makes the bleak call centre come alive all of a sudden and Benny finds himself falling for the innocence and cute Dagmara. However, Benny is given a position of power and finds himself torn between the risk of leaving to find something better or being seduced by the tempting and corrupt corporate system

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Carolyn Goodyear
Sally - Career woman
Jay Oliver Yip
Alan Mandel
Alan Mandel