Ex Cathedra

2009, 135 minutes

A tale of three lost souls trying to find meaning through drugs, death and religion.

Ex Cathedra is the original tale of three lost souls, Alexis, Kevin and Corban; three characters existing in a world governed by 'Exente'- a powerful yet socially acceptable drug- all fighting for emancipation. Kevin's mundane world is falling apart and is lured into the double-dealing underground world of the Exente trade where his life takes a turn down a new path, destined to change him forever. Alexis, however, has succumbed to the all-consuming world of Exente. She meets Kevin as he continues on his journey far from his comfort zone. Could Kevin be the only chance Alexis has to escape this bleak existence? Corban owns the local pub and learns more about each individual who passes through then they realise. His tactless demeanour shouldn't earn him any friends; however he finds himself strangely respected by those around him for his oddly acute knowledge of the world. What happens when these worlds collide has consequences both perilous and liberating. Powerless to stop it, these three characters can only struggle through in hope of salvation and eventual redemption. The film is told in two parts with the true power and mystery of Corban's existence not revealed until the second half of the film. The twists and turns of Ex Cathedra should leave you weathered from the emotional storm it imposes upon its heroes.

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