Orange Out

2010, 6 minutes

Wrong time, wrong place

Two British army snipers are sent on one of their routine reconnaissance missions to observe a highway to Basra. Their task is the same as it always is. Watch the road, see the convoy pass safely, leave. After battling through a storm, Lance Corporal Tony Webb and Private Steven Whittaker reach the warehouse they will call their home for the next few hours of boredom. When investigating the building however, they abruptly discover they are not alone. The man they find, Fida, once a civilian, looks to have lost everything of the life he once lead and has now turned bomb maker. Isolated in the storm the two soldiers find themselves with a man whose life has been destroyed by their invasion. Fida, feeling he has nothing to lose, soon turns a gun onto Tony and Steven is forced to break the ultimate taboo. Killing a man. We see immediately how this act has changed his life forever.

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