Trimming Pablo

2010, 15 minutes

War, Peace, Art ... and a haircut.

Another cold day in Cold War Britain. And Spanish Communist Party member Pablo Picasso steps off the train to attend the World Peace Congress at Sheffield City Hall. Sadly, the great artist hasn't been told that the British Government has lost its nerve and moved the whole thing on to Warsaw. But before the day is out, Comrade Picasso will give a speech at City Hall to the party faithful, be approached by a sinister figure working for the American government; and touch the lives of many. One man - the Sheffield barber who cuts Picasso’s hair - will carry the memory of his encounter with the artist far beyond a rainy winter afternoon.

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Rhiann Tatham
Rhiann Tatham
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Daniel Dresner
Alan Rose
Luke Shewbury
Luke Shewbury
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