Feedback Loop

2010, 90 minutes

One mans journey to know himself

Feedback loop is about a young middle-Eastern (Israeli) man named Rami who has recently moved to south London. He has been housed in a fairly tacky bed sit. Rami has also just started a new job in London as a bouncer for an underground, warehouse club. Rami struggles to understand or connect with his new social and cultural surroundings. He is socially awkward and frustration builds within himself at his own inability to connect with others. He keeps his frustrations hidden to himself. This is an error as his frustration boils over one night in a burst of violent rage. Despite this he is not judged or criticized for his actions by fellow bouncer, Mike. Mike is a black, slightly older, well built Londoner who tries to befriend Rami, despite Rami's often awkward interaction with Mike. Mike understands Rami and even empathises with him. Mike was once like Rami, distanced from society, unable to connect or express his true personality. When we are introduced to Mike he has clearly overcome his shyness though he is not too 'laddish' or cockney. He is just generally a nice guy who is trying to help Rami come out of his shell because he has been in a shell himself in the past. Following his attack of a clubber Rami begins to actually open up to Mike. Though Rami is still weary of Mike, he does begin to warm to him. Rami feels like he can be himself in front of Mike and doesn't feel he has to hide himself like he has been doing with the new society he has adopted.

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Yaron Shavit
Yaron Shavit
Rami - lead
David Monteith
Dan Baker
Dan Baker
AD (3rd)
1st Assistant Director